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Past Events

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9 January NY hardcore edition


Reactive hardcore: how to implement own Publisher<?> ​The more popular Reactive Programming/Libraries become, the more often we have to deal with those techniques and solutions. Sometimes we have to deal just with smoothies API of Reactive Extensions, sometimes we have to dive into the internals of those libraries, or sometimes we have to build our own implementation. Nevertheless, understanding of the basics patterns, behavior that is hidden inside the most of Reactive Libraries, Tool-Kits / Best Practice might simplify our – life with / debugging of / implementation of Reactive Library.Usually reading a tone of papers and blogs about the internals of Reactive Libraries, specific rules of Reactive Streams Specification or simply grasping the source code becomes hardcore. Hence, we will summarize all important by implementing own Publisher<?> using Java. Fantastic caches and where to find them ​"Magical caches are terrorizing engineers. When engineers are afraid, they debug. Contain this, or it’ll mean refactoring." (c) The story of how an internal Hibernate cache can consume 99% of 30GiB of your application memory with just the addition of a single line of code. The way it was discovered and root cause analysis to prevent it in the future will be the topic of the talk.

Cool beer after-party!!!


Oleh DokukaJava Software Engineer & Consultant @ Netifi​​ ​Mainly Java Software Engineer / Consultant focused on distributed systems development adopting ReactiveManifesto and ReactiveProgramming techniques. Opensource geek, the active contributor of ProjectReactor. Along with that, Public speaker and Author of the book Reactive Programming is Spring 5.0

Alexey Tokar VP of Engineering @ Form.comSoftware engineer and system architect for the last 14 years. Now VP of Engineer at Form.com in a department of 80 engineers. Speaker at lots of local conferences since 2014. MongoDB fan. ActiveMQ hater.
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