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Past Events

  • rcksnight

​26 June 2018 Distributed systems: What? Why? How?

Пост обновлен 19 авг. 2018 г.

  • Distributed systems: What? Why? How? What are distributed systems and does there any difference in comparison to micro-services solutions? Why do we need them and do we really need them? How to build them and which issues you should solve. You will get answers on these and much more questions during this talk.

  • Build Distributed system fast and funny using Atomix How is it difficult to create a robust distributed system in our time? Do we really need to develop own communication protocols and take care of fault tolerance? With such frameworks as Atomix an answer is NO. Atomix is already taking care of all the necessary parts of distributed systems, you just need to use it correctly. In this talk, you will get acquainted with Atomix Framework and will see how easy it is to build non-blocking distributed system.

Andriy Rymar - Co-founder & head of development @ TwelveZeros, Founder @ Jappware Senior software engineer with 8+ years of experience. Andriy appreciates colleagues who share their experience with others because he truly believes that we can become better only if we help others to be better too. He is a part of Morning@Lohika program committee and do his best to help other speakers receive feedback before their actual talk. Open to any discussion even if it is not related to IT world and would be happy to meet new and interesting people.

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