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Past Events

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30 October Modern architecture


  • Vert.x - Reactive & Distributed (Orkhan Gasimov - Digital Transformation Architect) During past years, the requirements for modern applications have increased from gigabytes of data to terabytes, from thousands of requests per second to millions, from seconds of response time to milliseconds, and this list can be continued. Until now, most of these problems have been solved using the microservices architecture, but what's next? What next approach should we apply where microservices fail? In this talk, we will overview modern approaches to application development with reactive and distributed architecture and see how Vert.x help to implement such solutions

  • CIAM – A modern view on customer identity and access management architecture (Lev Maltsev – software engineer) CIAM solutions enables organizations to securely capture and manage customer identity and profile data. Whit modern era of digitalization and we got a lot of new requirements for our systems, SSO, consent management, scalability. What challenges we have right now? What is necessary for modern user? Do we have some solutions for that?

Cool beer after-party!!!


  • Orkhan Gasimov Basically, I am a software engineer already 15 years. Started as a programmer in my 17 and grow up as an architect, trainer, and just a person who likes technology and hands-on practice. I am author of trainings on such topics as Microservices, Spring Cloud, Akka. I like to work with people, and trainings help me a lot to stay in touch with technical people

  • Lev Maltsev Lev is a software engineer at EPAM. I have 8 + years at production experience, mostly Java ecosystem. I have a lot of development experience on eCommerce and banking, now my new passion is security related stuff

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