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Past Events

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30 August 2018 The Dark Side of Java 8 - Lessons Learned


  • The Dark Side of Java 8 - Lessons Learned (Grzegorz Piwowarek - Polyglot system engineer) Java 8 was one of the most important Java releases ever... but still wasn't free of bugs, or just places where things could've been done better. In this session, we'll go through a quick post-mortem session and explore what went wrong with the Stream API, Lambda Expressions, and much more, along with ways how we can address those problems.

  • Light-weight testing of database repository classes (Viktor Polischuk - Software engineer)

Fail-fast tests are usually better than slow integration tests which require quite a lot of infrastructure and data preparation. I would like to show a simple way how you can write tests with zero data preparation, fast, and short.

  • Cool beer after-party!!!


Grzegorz Piwowarek Polyglot system engineer at Casumo

  • Grzegorz Piwowarek is a hungry-for-knowledge polyglot system engineer at Casumo, a trainer at Bottega IT Minds, a blogger at 4comprehension.com, and an OS contributor.He was professionally involved in projects involving systems integration, image recognition, and recently in highly scalable distributed solutions. Besides coding, he is a professional yo-yo player and a guitarist in a progressive metal band - Visions of Tondal

Viktor Polischuk - Software engineer at WIX

  • Viktor Polischuk is Software engineer @ Wix. Production experience counts 13 years including about 11 years of Java development. Expert in Java and JavaScript. Smartass.

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