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Past Events

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26 February Let's KIK it with Kubernetes!


Let's KIK it! (Denys Vasyliev - Lead Software Engineer @ GlobalLogic)

1. Boring Kubernetes stuff 2. Application Delivery Trends 3. KIK: Kubernetes, Istio, Knative 4. Demo

Knative is serverless computing. A function as a service and a CI-CD workflow based on Istio Sevice Mesh. Kubernetes native approach to managing source-oriented applications as an infrastructure agnostic. Based on Kubernetes and the Istio service mesh, a developer today can focus only on writing code, without worrying about the boring and complex staff of the infrastructure. Google's Knative covers all of these requirements.

How to have microservices, and don't have problems with versions(Nikolay Borysenko) 1. Problematic of microservices versioning 2. What you should to avoid it 3. Ci flow 4. Cd flow 5. Demo

Cool beer after-party!!!


Denys Vasyliev Focused on Cloud Native Solutions Architecture, Development and Operations 10+ years in Telecom industry: network engineer, technical manager, operation team and unit lead, CTO. IP transit operators, Internet Providers and Mobile Network Operators: Beeline, Kyivstar, MTS , Velcom, Mobicom, Azerfon, Azercell, Astelit 2 Startups: manager positions and system architect/software engineer role. 5 years as Co-Founder cloud b2b/b2c web application project: VoIP Roaming Solution. Today: lead software engineer in Cloud Native Media Project.

Nikolay Borysenko

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